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The Guinea Pig Bag – will it survive?

August 30, 2011
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What do you do when you mess up a bag you’re making so bad you can’t sell it? You turn it into a guinea pig bag, of course.
And what’s a guinea pig bag? It’s the bag you try out your new ideas on to make sure they will work before trying them on a good bag. It’s the bag you use to test – put through every day abuse – to see if it will withstand the pressure of every day life. I have a guinea pig bag, and i’m going to put it through what an average purse of mine goes through in order to make sure my bags are strong.
Today’s test: machine washing.
To keep the crisp, nice shape of most bags, I highly recommend not washing them. But what happens if your lipstick, soda, or other stains get on it? Can you wash it? I do prewash all of my fabric, so the sizing is washed out, so it shouldn’t get too warped, but we’ll see.
So, I threw my guinea pig bag in with the laundry. I washed it using cold water, on a normal cycle. When it was done, I pulled the fabric flowers and the bag into shape, and hung it up to air dry. Because I tried out my fabric glue on this bag, I opted not to put it in the drier. So far, so good, no warping, and nothing fell off. However I learned that I do not like my fabric glue for anything I might wash.
And this is what it looks like dry:

The only complaint are the wrinkles, which a light ironing with a warm iron smoothed them all out. (make sure to use a low setting as some of my fun fabrics will melt under high heat)
And here it is, good as new:


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