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About Me

In high school, I was the caboodle girl.  And no, that caboodle did not hold makeup.   It held art supplies, and I carried it everywhere. In my backpack, my school books were buried under my sketch books.  I didn’t buy clothes with babysitting money, I bought more art supplies, so I could draw the clothes I would have loved to wear.
So I am opening up AppiBelle Art, in order to share my love of art.  I have four main categories in my shop – wall art, glass and wood art, stitchery, and miscellaneous, in which most of my creations will fall under.  Have a look around, and visit frequently, as I will list new items every week or so.  Visit my blog, where you can find sewing, craft and, art tutorials, free downloads and coloring sheets, and other kinds of fun.
Years have gone by since I was the caboodle girl, as I gladly traded in my caboodle for a diaper bag.  I am a mother of four, and have found my kids to be such beautiful inspiration. When I’m not creating art, I enjoy playing with my kids and teaching them what I know about art, eating, singing, and having fun boogying down to music when no one is looking.

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