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Coffee Table

September 26, 2012

The first room we are decorating is the downstairs front room and entry way.  In the front room, I already have curtains made, so picking a theme and colors for the room were easy.  I want a country (not too country), colorful (not too bright colorful look.One of the first things we made to decorate was a coffee table.  I have bought cheaper ones from IKEA, and they’re smaller than I wanted and, at least the one we bought a while ago, was pretty cheaply made.  Plus, to find the kind of table I wanted would kill our budget for the house.  I wanted a white, chunky, sturdy (I do have kids) table.  A little rustic looking.  So, I decided to build my own.

I drew up the plans, which to keep it simple, consisted only of 2×4’s, 2×6’s, 4×4’s as the legs, and a 2×3 as the support for the bottom of the table.  I measured how big I wanted the table, and when I went to Lowes, I had them cut the boards to the size I needed.  (Note: They can’t cut the 4×4’s, so we had to have that cut somewhere else)  Oh, and important information – at least the 2×6’s that we bought were not actually 2 inches by 6 inches.  They were more like 2″ x 5.5″, so you might want to check on that when coming up with your measurements.  We laid the whole table top out before attaching anything together and found that we had to trim some of the other boards.

I sanded all of the boards, and then used the 2″x6″ boards to form the table-top by laying them side-by-side, using as many as I needed to make the table as wide as I wanted.  I laid them down so that when the table top is put together, the top of the table will be upside down and you can work on the underside of the table top, so make sure the nicest-looking side of the board is face-down.  I made sure the boards lined up straight by pushing them all against a flat wall.  I laid the 1×3 across the middle of the boards, perpendicular to the boards and screwed holes a little smaller than the srews I was using where I wanted to put the nails.  Then I screwed the 2×3 to the 4×6’s.  This will support the middle of the table, and hold the 4×6’s while I finish the table top.

I bordered the 2×6’s with the 2×4’s on their sides.  I drilled holes where I wanted to put screws to attach the 2×4’s to the 2×6’s.  Then I put the 4×4’s against the 2×4’s in the corners to form the legs of the table.  I put two screws in each side of the 4×4 that was touching the 2×4 to hold it strongly in place.  I turned the table over, checked to make sure it was sturdy – and trust me, it was.  I sanded it one more time to get the table top as even as I could, filled the screw-holes with wood putty, and then primed and painted it.

I hope I explained that clearly.  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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