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I’m Baaaaack – maybe

September 25, 2012

Kids are back in school, business is over, and I’ve been enjoying a breather. Now that my head has come up out of homeschool-land, I took a good look around the house and realized it had been neglected. It needed to be decorated.
So in the middle of near hyperventilating at the horrible state of my house, I decided to act.
This time I did things differently. Instead of taking the various mis-matched pictures, frames, and furniture I had and putting them on the walls and calling the place decorated, I decided to start with a plan.
I took pictures of the major rooms in my house and had them printed. I realized it is a lot easier for me to really see the whole room and what was working and what wasn’t in print. Not really sure why.
Anyways, I looked at the photos and drew in (or took out) what I wanted to do to the place. That served as our roadmap. I then chose a deadline and laid out in Excel the steps we would need to take to make this house beautiful by the deadline, and we have been making a lot of progress.
There is a catch, however. I have less than $1000 to completely redecorate this whole house. It sounds like a lot, until we realized we needed some furniture items. This meant that we would have to get creative, and I learned that I’m much more creative when I have a purpose.
So, I want to post some of my ideas to share, and maybe even some before and after pictures. My house probably still won’t look like a model home, but it will look like my home, with my style, and that makes me happy.

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