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My Shop is on Vacation. But I’m Not.

October 31, 2011

I haven’t blogged since my Halloween giveaway. So I put my shop on vacation, while we have been busy with a lot of things that have come up that has required our time, and we have been making some important decisions. Unfortunately, one of those decisions has been whether or not to reopen my shop.

I have learned so much about running a shop since I opened it, and one of the things we have learned is just how much time it takes to run a shop. We have been considering it and prioritizing, and thus far, my shop will reopen. I’m not sure when, as I have learned so much since opening my shop, that I am using what I have learned to make some changes and some new goals regarding my shop. It is my goal that when I do reopen my shop, I will have an inventory ready to ship as soon as I get an order. I also hope to have a more simple, easier to navigate shop, with more organized products. I am also excited about some of the new items I will have in my shop.

Until then, I will continue blogging and posting coloring pages and other fun things, as well as updates on my shop and it’s reopening date. After all, blogging has been my favorite part of opening my shop.

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