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I Don’t Like Watching Sports… Or do I?

September 27, 2011

My husband, boys and I went to the Diamondbacks game last Friday. The catch was, I don’t usually like watching sports. I’d rather be playing sports.
Anyways, I was going because I was excited to see my boys enjoy a game, and I figured I’d take my sketchbook and get some sketches done. What better place to study baseball players than at a game, right?
Well, the kids were adorable, just as I knew they would be. They both wore their baseball hats and ate more cotton candy than any kid should ever eat. They clapped and made noise on cue, and Aaron was cheering so loud that the gentleman in front of us turned around and told him he was doing a good job cheering on our team. Aaron even danced when the music came on and let me know he liked the song. It’s so fun to see their personalities unfold as they grow.
While I was prepared to enjoy the kids, I was not prepared to enjoy that game. Needless to say, after a couple of weak sketches, my sketchbook was in my lap, forgotten. I was cheering with everyone else, adrenaline pumping when the Diamondbacks scored their last two winning points. Before, I was the one who wanted to leave early, but it was my husband that was dragging me out early. Luckily I saw the end on a tv on our way out and was able to cheer on my team, “Go Diamondbacks!”
So now I have to reconsider my previous aversion to watching sports. Do I enjoy watching sports now, or just baseball? Did I enjoy it because it was a great game, or was it baseball in general that I would enjoy watching. Did I enjoy it just because I had a team to root on? I think I will have to try watching another game and see. Who knows, maybe Aaron and I will end up being the sports watching fanatics in our house.

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