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Making Halloween Bags Tutorial – Fun For Kids

September 23, 2011

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The kids and I painted our Halloween Bags last night. I painted the ones for my Etsy shop, and they painted their Trick or Treating bags.  It was so much fun, and after hearing my kids tell me I was the best mom ever, I thought I’d pass it on.

What you’ll need: newspaper, acrylic paint, bag to paint, textile medium – optional (you only need this if you want to be able to wash it), paint brushes, water, plastic folders.

Pre wash fabric first, if you are making your own bag and plan on using the textile medium.

Protect surfaces with the newspaper.

Place the plastic folder into the bag to keep the paint from bleeding onto the back panel.  Note – don’t use paper for this, or it will stick and rip when you try to remove it.

Don’t do this.

If using, mix the textile medium into the acrylic paint as instructed.  Paint your image onto the bag.  You can do monsters, frankenstein, ghosts, witches, and more.  My kids added a hand print – which will be fun to look at when they’re bigger.  Try not to get the acryclic paint thick.  If it’s too thick, it may peel off.

Let dry.  It may stick a little to the plastic folder, but as long as it’s plastic, it should peel off with no problem.  To prevent this, move the folder gently to another location when you are finished painting.

And Viola!  You have your own decorated Halloween bags.

Don’t want to make them, buy one here:  Free shipping on all Halloween bags.

Here’s some of mine:

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