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Freebie Friday – A Game to Help Kids Learn…..

September 16, 2011

The Alphabet, their numbers, math facts, sight words – almost anything really.

I created this game for my oldest, who struggled with reading and needed to learn his sight words.  The first link is for an 11×17 that you may need to send to a printer.  I like to use Office Max Impress, I can send files directly from my computer and pick them up when they’re done.  I also laminated mine.

I also included a letter sized game if you want to just print a smaller one at home.

What you’ll need:  an egg timer or borrow a timer from another game, flash cards or something that you want your kids to memorize, the rocket ship pieces printed and cut out – one for each kids playing, small pieces of candy or stickers for incentives to make it fun.

You can google and find a lot of free flash cards, or make your own, or buy them at Walmart, Jo-Ann Etc.

How to Play:

Object: to get through the squares to the planet first.

How to Play:  Each player gets a rocket game piece.  Youngest player starts first.  Players move by reading as many flashcards as they can before the timer goes off.  How many flashcards they read determines how many squares they can move forward.  If using an egg timer, adult can choose how much time to give based on the child’s skill level.  Set an amount of time that won’t be too easy for the child, but at the same time, will be something he or she can work towards.

For example, on Aaron’s (my son’s) turn, if I were using sight word flashcards, I would set the timer, then show him the first flashcard.  Once he reads that flashcard correctly, I put it in a seperate pile and move on to the next flashcard.  When the timer goes off, I count the flashcards he read and use that to determine how may squares he gets to move.

To determine how many squares your child can move his or her game piece, count how many flashcards he or she went through.  If your child is just beginning and only gets 2 or three flashcards in the time limit, each flashcard counts as one square, and your child can move his rocket ship that many squares.  As your child gets faster and is going through more flashcards, you can either reduce the amount of time on the timer, or you can have them read two flashcards to be able to move one square, or 3 flashcards to be able to move 2 squares, etc…

When the child passes the “Earn” squares, they earn 1, 2, or 3 of the candy or stickers or whatever you have as incentive as dictated by the square.

If they land on the astroids or alien invasion, they have to get through 10 or 20 flashcards before the timer goes off to be able to move.  (When we were starting out and Aaron was slower and couldn’t read that many, we would set the timer for a little longer, or reduce the amount of flashcards needed to move.  We kept it a challenge that we knew he’d have to work for, but we adjusted so we knew he would be able to do it in a couple of turns and wouldn’t get too discouraged)  Players can’t move forward until they’ve met that goal.

The first to get to the planet wins.

Enjoy!  Comment if you have any questions, or my instructions weren’t clear enough.  Click on the links below to download

The 8.5 x 11 game – backgroundletter sized

Actual size – 11×17 – background

spaceship pieces –


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  1. September 16, 2011 2:28 pm

    Hmm, I think I need to make the file size a little smaller. Will do by the end of the day

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