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Trick or treat bags and Halloween Memories

September 14, 2011


I still think it’s to early for this but i have a new big idea – Halloween Trick or Treat Bags! They will be far cuter than the pillowcases we hoped to completely fill when I was young.
I got the idea from a Michael’s craft for kids, but of course I can’t follow directions and have to make things more complicated. So, I’m getting out the black fabric and fabric paint, and the kids and I are going to have a blast. I’ll post some pics when we’re done, and if there are a few I like, I might list a couple on Etsy.
And all of this reminds me of Halloween when I was little. My family did Halloween different every year except for one thing – our house was completely decorated in the cutest homemade decorations, and usually our costumes were homemade, whether we trick or treated, just wore them to school, or went out of town. And that was half the fun.
One year, my mom made me a bright glittery gold 20’s dress. Another year, we paper mâchéd balloons and made power ranger costumes. My earliest halloween costume memory was when my mom dressed my sister and I in her very best 80’s gear and brightest colorful makeup, and we went as rockstars. My last costume was a ripped up white sheet with a hole for my head to go through. We then ratted and teased my hair as high as it would go and sprayed it white. We painted my face white with black circles around them, and i went as a ghost.
My favorite costume wasn’t one we wore, though. Our friend and neighbor went trick or treating as a Christmas present. Her mom cut holes in a huge box for her head, arms and legs, wrapped it in bright Christmas paper, and put a Christmas bow on her head.
Many times, our costumes weren’t made far in advance. Many times, they were created a couple of days before, or even the night of Halloween with whatever we could come up with – and that was half the fun.
With all of that, though, the Halloween I scored the best Trick or Treating goods, was when we didn’t even go trick or treating. We were coming home from a fun trip out of town and were traveling on Halloween. Since my parents didn’t have to spend anything on costumes or candy, as we weren’t home to go trick or treating, they stopped at a Walmart, gave us 5 bucks, and said we could buy whatever we wanted. This was not something we ever got to do, so I was so excited. And it was probably my parent’s easiest Halloween!
What are your favorite Halloween memories.

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