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Love and Logic seminar – I get to go for free!!!

September 3, 2011

I’m a mom of four busy, rambunctious kids. They keep me busy, and I knew I needed some ideas and tools in how to parent them. So a friend told me about Parenting with Love and Logic (TM). I read the book, loved the theories, but I wasn’t sure how to go about incorporating it into actually parenting my kid’s. So, I bought the curriculum, became a facilitator of Becoming a Love and Logic Parent. I teach the classes so far for free, except the cost of the required workbook. I will be teaching again starting somewhere around October for those who are interested. We had a lot of fun – nothing like sitting around with friends, laughing together about our kid’s and their capers!
Anyways, I got a letter in the mail, and if I volunteer during the event, I can go to any seminar for free!!! Wahoo!!!!
For more info, visit You can print free information on great parenting techniques and sign up for the newsletters.

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