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My New Toy – making my own stamps!

August 24, 2011

I bought a new toy this week.  It’s a lino cutting stamp kit I got at Hobby Lobby.  You can get the materials on their own, but this is a great little starter kit.  It comes with the engravers, the stamper, and the circle pieces of linoleum to carve into stamps. 

So here’s how it works:

I drew the design onto the linoleum.  If you use lettering, you will want to put them on backwards so that when they are stamped, they will show up going in the right direction on your paper.  Then, I used the cutting tool to cut away pieces of the lineoleum in the areas that I didn’t want to show up, leaving the image I did want to show up untouched.  FYI – the cutting tool is sharp.  Make sure to cut away from you, as it can cut your fingers if you’re not careful.

When it was all cut out, I took off the sticky-back paper on the other side of the linoleum and tried to stick it to the other side of the stamper.  Unfortunately, the sticky came off with the paper, and it didn’t stick well.  Thank goodness for scrapbooking supplies – a square or two of adhesive took care of that.  Then, I inked it up really well, making sure the image was completely covered in ink, using a stamp pad.  It is okay if some of the areas that you cut away and don’t want to show get inked as long as you cut them deep enough.  If they show up, you can just cut them a little deeper.  Make sure to try it on a scrap for the first time.  I then used the stamper to stamp it onto the paper.  I did use a bit of pressure, but I was surprised at how well the ink pad worked.  I can’t wait to use my ink and bayer to see how it works. 

*If you don’t have scrapbooking adhesive squares, you can also ink just the linoleum while holding onto it, put it carefully onto the paper, making sure not to move it so the image doesn’t smear, and then use the stamper to put enough pressure to apply the image to the paper.

And voila, here is the finished result.  Not too bad for an experiment, if I say so myself.  Once I get a couple of these made, I think I’ll even teach the kids how to stamp with them.  I was very pleased with my purchase.  I can’t wait to get some silk screen paint to see if it works.  If so, I will be using this stuff to make my bags much more fun!

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  1. August 24, 2011 3:39 pm

    Ooh, this would also be fun to use to make invitations, personalized envelopes, decorate wood, scrapbooking, using on the mini canvases! Possibilities are endless!

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